About Samantha.

I came to find yoga in December 1997 after receiving a little book called 101 yoga tips. I had been suffering back pain and wanted something to get me feeling better so after the new year,  I went to a local yoga session held at a leisure centre.  I finished the class feeling so much more relaxed and like I had found something that could really help me feel better.    I was hooked.  Bought a book and started to learn, trying to fathom out strange postures and getting into them while trying to read the book. It reminded me of playing that children's game twister on a mat.  My breath slowed down, I found that my clothes felt tighter as I was breathing more open and better, I could move easier and all that pain and lethargy I had felt was replaced with an eagerness to enjoy that childlike feeling again.   I then continued my journey with study and training to teach with the Kevala Centre.  Moving to California I continued with daily classes locally gaining benefit from hands on teaching and gaining new friends that have stayed with me for my journey, one dear friend and mentor Simone Simon who guided me though those years. 

When I moved back to the UK in 2002 I started teaching locally to share that love and lightness I had found.  Some of my students have been there right from the start, and that is all I ever wanted to achieve, to help them move through their lives with more grace and fun.