All about the Yoga

Is it for everyone

We use straps and blocks sometimes to help in various postures. For the less able my classes can be done on a chair.  I  emphasise the use of everyday props to help in yoga, books, chairs, clothing as mats for knees.   Even as a flexible in body person there is always places to go and mentally stretch in and I try to put this thought across to people so that everyone feels the same, whether they can touch their toes or not. No one is excluded in yoga.  Personal instructions are given to be able to be more open and comfy in the posture at hand.  This also goes the other way if the person would like to go deeper, there is always a handy suggestion for making it a more intense and rewarding posture for them.

 Everyone from all walks of life, ages, physical needs and abilities can benefit.  Common digestive issues can be helped with yoga.  Helping detox the system, and rejuvenate  you when you feel most run down.  It helps you learn how to heal yourself with your own body and mind.  Within all of us we have the power to relax and heal.  Yoga gives us these tools so that we can use them in times of need, hopefully within daily life and not just on the mat.

Everyday Yoga

The "bread and butter" of your daily life.  My unique style, of bringing the childlike feeling back into your life through slow vinyasa with core building, strengthening and balancing to help you get on with your daily lives better.  Everyone no matter what's going on in their bodies and lives can benefit from giving themselves a yoga "pat on the back".

Chair Yoga

Daily life with a twist, literally.  All yoga sessions can be modified to suit, with chairs, blocks and tools, for those that need some extra support in life, this can really help them get back to feeling more in control and able.  

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga doesn't stop when you're pregnant, it becomes a celebration of that journey.  Modified postures to suit your growing journey.

Kids/Teenager Yoga 

Kids and teenagers don't need to miss out and can join in, all ages abilities. Bring them along to gain early awareness into their bodies while they are young to help them gain mental and physical tools to help them work through those stages of a young life that can be confusing, challenging and strange.  Giving them a bubble yoga clam can help them gain techniques to work through their journeys.